How to be an Evolved Activist in a New Age of Healthcare by Living the Wisdom we Know




How do we move towards a more caring medical model, where both patient and provider are empowered while restoring what it means to be a practitioner?  It requires us to dive deeply within ourselves to view healthcare from a wider perspective. The journey is to replace reactiveness with proactivity, and to become fully integrated in the relationships around us. Our own physiology is designed for this type of interconnectedness. The chaos that is the current healthcare model has spawned new models which stand in contrast to the assembly line, Wall St. run standards. These new wellness spaces foster environments that allow our humanity to shine.  

Learning Outcomes 

  • Through cutting edge studies in epigenetics, physics, and our own physiology, learn how our endeavors towards transpersonal interconnectedness creates greater longevity and sustainability in our lives;
  • Learn how to convert from frantic, busy work activities to deep, meaningful work experiences;
  • Learn how changing old regimes and habits requires breaking down silos to create a unified front in moving forward with new, evolved models of wellness in healthcare; 
  • Learn how creating the mindset of a"healer" rather than a "hero" helps to build more evolved foundations of health for both patients and provider. 

About the Keynote Workshop Leader

Photo: Amy Coleman

Amy Coleman, MD is CEO and Founder of Wellsmart and is author of the book, “Discovering Your Own Doctor Within.”  Coleman has taken care of people in all sorts of places: on airplanes, boats, and battlefields, in the wilderness, schools and in homes. She’s helped people receive care in countries where there was no formal system for access to primary care doctors. Throughout Dr. Coleman’s 13 years of experience, the spirit of discovery was in how she could connect the dots to deliver what patients needed, keeping compassion at the forefront. It has been a heartfelt mission, and still is.

As a family medicine physician with secondary training in Japanese acupuncture, Dr. Coleman started as a flight surgeon in the U.S. Air Force (USAF). Through wartime medicine, she learned what it meant to be fully integrated as a unit of a team with her patients. Dr. Coleman also established new, creative models of patient care design for the Air Force still employed today. In her work as the youngest and first female Commander of the Special Operations Clinic in Ramstein,  Germany, she guided global medical missions and was the appointed physician for officers of the highest command positions. Throughout her career, she was chosen as primary physician for USAF F-16 Fighter Squadrons, USAF Special Forces units, and U.S. Embassies, as well serving as medical coordinator and physician for NASA Space Shuttle support missions.