Amy Coleman

Keynote Speaker
Photo: Amy Coleman

Amy Coleman, MD is CEO and Founder of Wellsmart and is author of the book, “Discovering Your Own Doctor Within.”  Coleman has taken care of people in all sorts of places: on airplanes, boats, and battlefields, in the wilderness, schools and in homes. She’s helped people receive care in countries where there was no formal system for access to primary care doctors. Throughout Dr. Coleman’s 13 years of experience, the spirit of discovery was in how she could connect the dots to deliver what patients needed, keeping compassion at the forefront. It has been a heartfelt mission, and still is.

As a family medicine physician with secondary training in Japanese acupuncture, Dr. Coleman started as a flight surgeon in the U.S. Air Force (USAF). Through wartime medicine, she learned what it meant to be fully integrated as a unit of a team with her patients. Dr. Coleman also established new, creative models of patient care design for the Air Force still employed today. In her work as the youngest and first female Commander of the Special Operations Clinic in Ramstein,  Germany, she guided global medical missions and was the appointed physician for officers of the highest command positions. Throughout her career, she was chosen as primary physician for USAF F-16 Fighter Squadrons, USAF Special Forces units, and U.S. Embassies, as well serving as medical coordinator and physician for NASA Space Shuttle support missions.

 “I wanted to crack the code of this system and come back as an interpreter of the confusing language and concepts, while also empowering patients to realize that their health lay within the power of their own selves.” – Amy Coleman.

“Amy Coleman is a phenomenal doctor, with extraordinary healing skills. Her methodology is insistent pursuit of detail and discovery and perhaps the most unusual attribute of this young woman , is that she possesses an uncanny set of emotional intelligence skills, while understanding group health dynamics in the full spectrum of settings, including combat theaters. I would recommend her medical expertise and interpersonal skills to anyone looking for personalized medical care. She has traveled extensively, and knows how to influence projects that benefit the human condition. Absolutely awesome person with the highest potential for success."

- (Ret). Four-Star General United States Air Force, William T. Hobbins

About Wellsmart

Born of a vision that has been years in the making, Wellsmart is a community that fosters an environment of healing, offering a refuge and source of knowledge for patients to take a more informed role in their own well-being, and for providers to take a science-based, technonology-supported approach to increasing empathy in their work. Wellsmart is on a mission to revitalize and restore primary care by empowering patients with accessible, relevant medical education and by teaching healthcare providers how to embrace the choice to stay in medicine with renewed passion and inspiration. The team at Wellsmart is dedicated to being the source that patients can trust to understand themselves, and what they use to coordinate their care with their doctor.